whats new

What's New in glFusion?

Improved Privacy Controls!
Improved Spam / Bot protection!
Improved Remote Login Workflow!
Full Support for PHP v7

 And more! Visit glFusion Wiki for a detailed list!


Template Caching Technology

glFusion includes powerful template caching technology that streamlines page rendering & reduces the load on your web server.

It also eliminates redundant template files, which allows for streamlined development, customization & delivery!

whats new

Integrated Best of Class Plugins

  glFusion comes with the best plugins pre-installed:

 Captcha - only accept human generated content!
Forum - enable online discussion & collaboration!
File Mgmt - manage downloads available to visitors!
Media Gallery - full-featured media management!

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a powerful, yet compact, object-oriented javascript framework that is fully integrated into the glFusion CMS.

Their well-documented API allows devs & site admins to easily create a wide range of dynamic enhancements that extend the functionality in a glFusion powered site.


All Your Favorite Widgets

Building on the foundation of jQuery, and coupled with the power of glFusion's native block & staticpage editors, we've included some pre-configured widgets to enhance the functionality of your site!

For a complete list of widgets, and how to configure them, visit the glFusion documentation.

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